about me

Hi, I’m

Maria Sofia

Website +

graphic designer

Web Design



My passion is to build digital identities for creative entrepreneurs.

My job is to create for you a unique brand and a beautiful website that speak to your client about your values and your personality.

You want your Brand to be the exact mirror of your awesome biz, so clients know exactly what to expect from you and your work.

I can help you giving you brand the cohesive and professional look it deserves, and building a bubbly website to showcase the world how awesome you are.

I work with you to help you express your business core values in your personal online space.

I’ll take care of the front side of your business (what your clients see when they come across your brand/website), so you can focus on actually bringing home the dinero. You’ll free up your time and energy to actually do what you’re passion about and what you’re good at. Because, let’s be honest: time is money.

About me

I’ve always been a creative person, it only took me 25 years of my life to figure it out. My brain thinks in term of images and color pairing, but I can’t work without my to-do lists, planners and charts of every kind.

I love to create stuff, whether they are digital or actual things. Before founding Creative Crush, I studied and graduated in Economics. Then, when I realised it wasn’t the right fit for me, I stumbled across the world of Digital Design and studied Graphic and Web design.

My goal is to be a Digital Nomad and live in New York City (dream big, cause why not?)

I have a crush on road trips, karaoke, DIY, interior design, Christmas, upcycling things and binge watching.

Let’s work together!