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Travel couple Blog


This project was my first one and I built this brand and website for the travel blog I started with my boyfriend.

After deciding to start traveling long term, we wanted a place to keep all our memories and tips and lessons learnt during our journey. We also wanted a place to showcase my boyfriend’s photo, since he is a photographer. Hence, we started our travel blog.

“Girl and her kite” website homepage

The name came to us while talking to a friend about our long tern travel plan. He said to me: “Girl , hold on tight on Ludo (ed: my boyfriend), cause he’s like a kite, he goes where the wind blows and he always risks to get lost in the world. He’ll need you to bring him back on his foothsteps”. Pretty obvious, ain’t it?

From there I created our brand, website and matching Social handles.

We wanted a down-to-earth and wanderlusty feel, with a funny and dreamy touch.

“Girl and her Kite” Branding Board


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August 29, 2018