You’re a driven entrepreneur who desires to make an impact. You deserve much more than a pretty website and cute images. 
You’re here to be known as the authority in your field and bag the clients you want to work with. 
And that takes more than pretty.
That takes emotion-inducing visuals, designer-level aesthetics and guru-level strategy.

With my help you can be instantly recognizable to your audience, hold your own in your industry and increase your pricing power.

But yes, you’ll still have a striking website and irresistible brand.
What can I say? I’m Italian, I know style.

Here’s how you can work with me:

Maria Sofia is professional, accurate, friendly and thoughtful. But most of all she was very considerate of our needs. What I like most about Creative Crush Design is the preemptive work of deep understanding of the project that she does before even starting the design.


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